Looking for a quick loan? In FUNDS we give you the money you need.

¿En búsqueda de un préstamo rápido? En FONDOS le damos el dinero que necesite.

In business activity, unforeseen situations often arise that must be resolved and opportunities that must be seized.

But there is not always money available for a quick fix and by the time a credit in a traditional financial institution or company it may already be too late. Some good of the company had to be sacrificed or good business left.

But there is also the option of a financial mechanism that allows to achieve a quick loan, sin complejidades y sin requisitos imposibles. El préstamo rápido es ventajoso:

  • The entire procedure to acquire it, from the application to access the credit to the availability of the money in the applicant's bank account, is carried out online. It is possible that the entrepreneur will have the money he needs at his disposal, within 24 hours.
  • El solicitante del crédito no tiene que presentar documentos que muestren su historial crediticio; ni siquiera dónde vive ni cuál es su oficio o profesión.
  • Nor do you have to compromise friends or family to endorse you with their salaries or put their properties to answer.
  • A financial company that grants fast loans does not get complicated with the placement of other products, so it concentrates on analyzing the loan application and, if it deems it convenient, turning the requested money.

An analysis is carried out in which the viability of the company to which the money is going to be transferred and the appropriate use that is given and to value it prevails.

En una firma como la nuestra contamos con analistas financieros especializados; el procedimiento es sencillo y rápido, el empresario anota los datos solicitados en el formulario incluido en nuestro sitio web y uno de nuestros asesores le responde en el término de 15 a 30 minutos, en horas laborales.

Then the money use plan, the characteristics of the applicant's company are analyzed, criteria are issued and the entrepreneur receives the money in his bank account, within 24 hours.

The purpose of FONDOS, by offering this service is to provide small entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet unexpected expenses that need a quick and timely solution, for a short period of time.

Under this modality, we offer you money loans online for financing projects with immediate return on investment, remodeling or extension of locations, marketing campaigns, seasonal hiring, inventory availability and financing of high impact projects, among others.