Financial support for your company: credits for the purchase of machinery

Apoyo financiero para su empresa: créditos para compra de maquinaria

The Hispanic population established in the United States was close to reaching the figure of 60 million people, a figure that shows the weight that the Latino community has in the US economy.

Hay hispanos desempeñando un cargo en prácticamente todas las actividades políticas, económicas y sociales estadounidenses, desde el Congreso hasta el más humilde trabajo en el restaurante y la tienda. Con la virtud de que el trabajador latino se caracteriza por su capacidad para enfrentar los desafíos, adaptarse, aprender y dar un rendimiento admirable, en el puesto que se desempeñe.

In this world of opportunities, there are also entrepreneurs who are committed to setting up their own companies and prospering, a challenge that demands attitude, knowledge, skill and equipment.

Machinery is needed to run a small or large company in the various related to construction, mechanics, plumbing, gardening, the production and sale of industrial goods such as clothing and food, trade, the generation of services , among others. But, as is to be understood, not all entrepreneurs have sufficient savings or the access to credit that is needed to set up and run an SME to maximum performance.

En ese punto es donde entramos nosotros, conscientes de las oportunidades de éxito que ofrecen los Estados Unidos a la comunidad hispana. En FONDOS  we put at your disposal installment loans and credit lines easy access, for purchase of machinery.

The employer does not have to show us his credit history; not even if it is a resident or naturalized citizen. What matters to us is that you have a project that promises.

El acceso al crédito es sencillo. El interesado fill out the form that we include on our website y recibe una respuesta en el término de 15 a 30 minutos después de que nos envíe la aplicación, por su e-mail, en horas laborales.

Then, one of our financing specialists analyzes the project and, if he considers it appropriate, makes recommendations to improve the use of credit.

Then, 24 hours after the loan is authorized, the money is deposited in the bank account of the entrepreneur.

As easy as that. We provide you with the financial support you require, so that you can purchase the machinery and take advantage of the opportunities that the United States offers to business initiatives.